No Relation

In this comical novel, Terry Fallis explores the burden that comes with being stuck with a famous name.

Terry Fallis

This is the story of a young copywriter in New York City. He's worked at the same agency for 15 years, and with a recent promotion under his belt, life is good. Then, one morning this copywriter finds himself unceremoniously fired from his job, and after he catches his live-in girlfriend moving out of their apartment a couple hours later, he's also single. Believe it or not, these aren't the biggest problems in this copywriter's life. There's something bigger, something that has been haunting him his whole life, something that he'll never be able to shake. Meet Earnest Hemmingway. 

What's in a name? Well, if you share your moniker with the likes of some of the most revered, infamous and sometimes dreaded names in history, plenty. This is Earnest's lifelong plight, but now he's had enough. It's time to take back his name. (From Douglas Gibson Books)

From the book

What's in a name? For many, nothing. For some, not nothing but not much. For a very few, blessed or cursed, it's everything. I'm one of those few. And if you're wondering, I usually count myself among the cursed.

From No Relation by Terry Fallis ©2014. Published by McClelland & Stewart.

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