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Naomi Klein's debut book is a look at the nature of branding and how it affects the economy and society.

Naomi Klein

A national bestseller, No Logo took Canadians by storm when it was published. Equal parts cultural analysis, political manifesto, mall-rat memoir and journalistic exposé, it was the first book to uncover a betrayal of the central promises of the information age: choice, interactivity and increased freedom. No Logo takes apart our packaged and branded world and puts the pieces into clear pop-historical and economic perspective. Naomi Klein tracks the resistance and self-determination mounting in the face of our new branded world and explains why some of the most revered brands in the world are finding themselves on the wrong end of a bottle of spray paint, a computer hack, or an international anti-corporate campaign. (From Vintage Canada)

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From the book

Culture jamming is enjoying a resurgence, in part because of technological advancements but also more pertinently, because of the good old rules of supply and demand. Something not far from the surfaces of the public psyche is delighted to see the icons of corporate power subverted and mocked. There is, in short, a market for it. With commercialism able to overpower the traditional authority of religion, politics and schools, corporations have emerged the natural targets for all sorts of free-floating rage and rebellion. The new ethos that culture jamming taps into is go-for-the-corporate-jugular.

From No Logo by Naomi Klein ©1999. Published by Penguin Canada.

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Canadian corporate muckracker Naomi Klein promotes her influential debut book No Logo.

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