Nix Minus One

In Jill MacLean's young adult novel-in-verse, a teen boy tries to overcome his social anxieties while protecting his outgoing older sister from a bad relationship.

Jill MacLean

Fifteen-year-old Nix is a loner who keeps to himself most of the time. He's most comfortable in his dad's woodworking shop. His older sister Roxy is exactly his opposite: funny and charming, she goes after what she wants. But when what she wants is a guy who's bad for her and is going to get her into trouble, Nix knows he needs to stand up and do what's right, before it's too late.

Nix Minus One is for readers ages 15 and up.

From the book

Roxy says with a smirk, "Bryan and me

drove up that way on Sunday.

Scrawniest excuse for a dog he ever saw —

crawling with tapeworms, he figures."

Before I know it, I'm halfways

across the table. "That's his crap —

Don't you have any opinions of your own anymore?"

She looks startled. Almost scared.

"Sit down, Nix!" Dad thunders.

From Nix Minus One by Jill MacLean ©2013. Published by Pajama Press.