Niko is a novel by Dimitri Nasrallah and was long listed for Canada Reads 2016

Dimitri Nasrallah

(Véhicule Press)

Niko is the second novel by Dimitri Nasrallah and made the long list for Canada Reads 2016. 

Swiftly paced, poignantly moving, and beautifully imagined, Niko is the powerful epic story of what it takes to survive after war, of what to hold dear and what to leave behind in a world that won't let you have it all.

Six-year-old Niko Karam has never known a life outside civil war. He rarely leaves his parents' small apartment, and from its small balcony he listens to the world outside tumble down one building at a time. But after a car bomb kills his pregnant mother, Niko is thrust into a much wider and confusing world without apartments or balconies, as he and his father Antoine embark on an impossible 12-year odyssey that leads them across seven countries, including Canada, in search of a new place to call home. (From Esplanade Books)