Night Runner

In the first book of Max Turner's young adult fantasy series, a boy is forced to live in a mental institution after he develops a severe allergy that requires constant treatment.

Max Turner

Zack Thomson is afflicted by a series of unfortunate circumstances: he's lost both parents, he suffers from a severe incurable allergy which requires constant transfusions and prevents him from eating anything but strawberry smoothies, and the only place that can properly look after him is Nicholls Ward, a mental institution. While he enjoys the company of his best friend Charlie and the odd indulgence from Nurse Ophelia, Zack can't help be feel lonely and bored. But all this is about to change as a man on a Harley drives his way through the Nicholls Ward doors and yells the one word that will change the course of his life forever: "Run!" What follows is a pursuit towards the dark truth and away from a man who means him harm.

Night Runner is for readers ages 14 and up.

From the book

My name is Daniel Zachariah Thomson. Everyone calls me Zack. I live in the Nicholls Ward of Peterborough Civic Hospital, and this is the story of how I died, twice.

From Night Runner by Max Turner ©2008. Published by HarperCollins Canada.