New Tab

Guillaume Morissette's novel spans a year in the life of a 26-year-old video game designer in Montreal.

Guillaume Morissette

Set in Montreal, New Tab spans a year in the life of a 26-year-old videogame designer as he attempts to reset his life, in the process chronicling with humour disillusion, boredom, self-destruction, Facebook chats, Concordia University, bilingualism, good parties, bad parties, a backyard cinema, social anxiety and running a possibly illegal DIY venue. 

Written in a simple yet bold style, New Tab is a profoundly intimate tale of self-reinvention and ambiguous relationships. (From Vehicule Press

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From the book

Stalking Brent on Facebook, I saw from his profile picture that he was tall and had sloppy bed hair that randomly looked excellent and that he owned a MacBook and a t-shirt that said "RIP DJ Screw." I looked for a birth year but there was no year specified, just a month and a day. I didn't know if he was younger than me or maybe my age. I wanted him to be my age. I wanted him to be ten thousand years older than me. I wanted him to be ten thousand years older than me and still a mess and still thinking things like, "I am the shittiest person alive," on a regular basis.

That year, I kept meeting people who I thought were my age but then turned out to be younger than me. Brent was a good example. He was a fully-grown human person, looked like more of a dad than I ever would, but then somewhere in my thought process I felt the defeating certitude that Brent was, in fact, a year or two younger than me.

It was confusing information to handle.

From New Tab by Guillaume  Morissette ©2013. Published by Vehicule Press.

Author interviews

Authors Sigal Samuel, Guillaume Morissette, and Michel Hellman join Host Jeanette Kelly in a spirited conversation about life in the Mile End at The Blue Met Literary Festival. 53:59