Nanuq's Baby Brother

A picture book by Nadia Sammurtok and Rachel Rupke, illustrated by Ali Hinch.

Nadia Sammurtok and Rachel Rupke, illustrated by Ali Hinch

Nanuq is so excited when she finds out she is going to be a big sister! She thinks about all the fun things she will do with her new sibling. But when her baby brother is born, he cries all the time. Her parents are so busy with the baby, they don't have time for her anymore. Nanuq feels lonely. Is this really what being a big sister is like? See how Nanuq's friends help her understand that there are good things about being a big sister, too. (From Inhabit Education Books Inc.)

Nadia Sammurtok is an Inuk writer who lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut. She's written several picture books inspired by Inuit life and stories, including, The Owl and the Two Rabbits and Siuluk: The Last Tuniq.

Rachel Rupke is a teacher and education consultant based in Toronto.

Ali Hinch is a Toronto-based illustrator whose previous children's books include Simonie and the Dance Contest and Kamik Takes the Lead.

Nanuq's Baby Brother publishes on July 13, 2021.

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