My Sober Little Moon

Jon Lupin's My Sober Little Moon is a poetry collection from the anonymous poet and recovering addict.

Jon Lupin

In 2015, Jon Lupin established a sobriety date but still needed something to keep his hands busy during those key times in the evening when he used to drink the most. His wife reminded him of all those lovely songs  — he is a songwriter as well — and poems he used to write for her when they were dating. She was embarking upon a writing journey of her own, and he was intrigued. Knowing how it helped her, she stuck a typewriter in his face and said, "write, because I know you can." Just over a year later, My Sober Little Moon is born. In this collection of poetry, Lupin chronicled the early days of sobriety during 2014 when he failed to see the light, and in 2015 when he found an answer. Each piece takes the reader through the pain the addiction caused others, how Lupin viewed himself, his love and the world as he learned to live life without alcohol. In those early days, and still to this day, he identified with a wounded bear, and the phases of the moon, and wanted that to play into the images in the book. (From Jonathan Luiten)