My Book of Life by Angel

In Martine Leavitt's young adult novel-in-verse, a Vancouver teen is pulled into a life of drugs and prostitution.

Martine Leavitt

When Angel meets Call at the mall, she has no idea she's about to spiral downward — hard. She becomes addicted to his "candy" and ends up turning tricks on a shady Vancouver street corner. She only realizes how far she's fallen when Call brings in another girl — even younger and more vulnerable than Angel was. Can Angel and the new girl find a way out, before it's too late?

My Book of Life by Angel is for readers ages 14 and up.

From the book

I walked to my corner

at the gate of ten thousand happinesses

and I stared at my shoes while I walked,

stared at them walking me there again.

That's how I get to my corner

at the gate of ten thousand happinesses

every time.

I stood on the kiddie corner

where I always do,

just a line in the sidewalk

between me and the midtrack.

Widow works the midtrack

on the other side of the line.

Widow waits for men

who are not into little girls like me.

She says, at least I'm not a lowtrack girl.

Widow says to me all the time,

I don't feel anything

care anything

it's just a big whatever —

I've got the menu memorized

makes no nevermind to me

who cares?

But she cares if I cross the line in the sidewalk.

From My Book of Life by Angel by Martine Leavitt ©2012. Published by Groundwood Books.