Moving to Climate Change Hours

Moving to Climate Change Hours is a poetry collection by Ross Belot.

Ross Belot

From industrial accidents to frozen highways, Belot charts what faces a working man in stripped-down lyric poetry. Moving to Climate Change Hours is a solemn ode to the end of oil, filled with poems that have seen it all and can acknowledge the darkness that's coming while still finding beauty in the arched neck of a tundra swan. With a filmmaker's sense of atmosphere and an environmentalist's urgency, Belot's stark lines take the reader deep into the heart of the industrial man. (From Wolsak & Wynn)

Ross Belot is a poet, photographer, documentary filmmaker and an energy and climate change columnist who lives in Hamilton, Ont. He was a finalist for the 2016 CBC Poetry Prize, He is also the author of the poetry collection Swimming In The Dark.

Interviews with Ross Belot

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