Mount Appetite

Bill Gaston's book was shortlisted for the Giller Prize in 2002.

Bill Gaston

Mount Appetite presents 12 vibrant, intensely human tales of desire and alienation. "Everyone at the top of Mt. Appetite is as close as they can get to heaven. It's work to get there and agony to be denied." Whether a salmon researcher, professional taster, illiterate faith healer, or Malcolm Lowry's illegitimate son, the protagonists in these sly and witty stories have all climbed the mountain, and all share a restless, relentless longing that they struggle to satiate through alcohol, drugs, sex, or schemes of the heart. (From Raincoast Books)

From the book

Not knowing what was afoot in the next room, Mr. Oates told her to stand and take off her blouse. He himself removed the bra straps from her shoulders, carefully so that nothing more fell. It did sometimes make women nervous, this laying their skin bare to him, for they knew he was no official doctor. At the same time they seemed to understand that exposure, that some kind of intimacy, was part of this. To him the clothing didn't matter. It didn't get in the way of his work unless it was distracting, like a fluffy sweater, or that scratchy metallic material, like woven Christmas tinsel - lamé? He'd had them all under his hands. Just like he'd had a few women reveal slinky underthings, black or shameless crimson, and these women had an attitude to match, as if seducing him would get them more from him, or win some of the Gift for themselves to take home. Well, he would say unto those women, Get thee gone.

From Mount Appetite by Bill Gaston ©2002. Published by Raincoast Books.

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