Most of Me

Robyn Michele Levy's memoir details her life while coping with both Parkinson's disease and breast cancer.

Robyn Michele Levy

At 43, Robyn Levy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and, eight months later, with breast cancer. With irreverent and at times mordant humour, Most of Me chronicles Levy's early, mysterious symptoms of breast cancer (a dragging left foot, a frozen left hand and a crash into "downward dead dog" position on the yoga mat), the devastating diagnosis and her continual struggle with Parkinson's.

Levy is accompanied on her journey by a fantastic cast of characters, including her Cry Lady (who always makes appearances at inopportune times) and perky Dolores the Prosthesis, as well as her loyal dog and a convoy of health professionals, family members, friends and neighbours. At an appointment with her neurologist, she participates in party games such as "try to move the patient's rigid left arm."

Both heartbreaking and hilarious, Most of Me offers a unique glimpse into a creative mind, an ailing body and the restorative power of humour and fantasy. (From Greystone Books)

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