Morning Glory on the Vine

Morning Glory on the Vine is a collection of lyrics and drawings by Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell

A gorgeous compendium of Joni Mitchell's handwritten lyrics and watercolour paintings, originally handcrafted as a gift for a select group of friends in 1971 and now available to the public for the first time.

In 1971, as her album Blue topped charts around the world, Joni Mitchell crafted one hundred copies of Morning Glory on the Vine as a holiday gift for her closest friends. For this stunningly beautiful book, Joni hand-wrote an exquisite selection of her own lyrics and poems and illustrated them with more than thirty of her original paintings and watercolours. Hand-crafted, signed, and numbered in Los Angeles, the existing copies of this labour of love have rarely been seen in the past half-century.

Now, as Joni celebrates her 75th birthday, Morning Glory on the Vine: Early Songs and Drawings is available widely for the first time. In this faithfully reproduced facsimile edition, Joni's best-loved lyrics and poems spill across the pages in her own elegant script. The lively, full-colour watercolour paintings depict a superb array of landscapes, still-lifes, portraits of friends, self portraits, innovative abstractions, and more. All the paintings from the original book are included, along with several additional works that Joni had intended to include for her friends in 1971. Finally, the refreshed volume features an original introduction written by Joni herself. Morning Glory on the Vine is a gorgeous and intimate keepsake and an invitation to explore anew the dazzling, visionary world of Joni Mitchell. (From Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

Morning Glory on the Vine is available in Oct. 2019.

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