This is the second novel in David Alexander Robertson's The Reckoner series.

David A. Robertson

Cole Harper is struggling to settle into life in Wounded Sky First Nation. He may have stopped a serial killer, but the trouble is far from over. A creature lurks in the shadows of Blackwood Forest, the health clinic is on lockdown by a mysterious organization and long-held secrets threaten to bubble to the surface. Can Cole learn the truth about his father's death? Why won't Choch give him a straight answer? Where the heck is Jayne? Oh, and high school sucks.

Monsters is the second novel in The Reckoner trilogy, following Strangers. The third book in the trilogy is Ghosts.

From the book

Cole couldn't remember a time when Wounded Sky First Nation offered this brand of quiet. Not when he was a child, and not since he had returned to the community after ten years away. If he were to believe Choch, it was the calm before the storm. Cole was waiting for the storm, but it hadn't come. Yes, he had used his remaining anti-anxiety pills over the past week, but not because he'd encountered any stormy incidents like murder or a flu epidemic. Rather, he'd taken a pill upon his return to Ashley's trailer, for his friend's wake. The memory of Ashley being shot right in front of him had appeared, thick and fresh. He'd taken his last pill during the gathering for Alex, as guilt reared its head at Cole's inability to save her, and as her brother, Michael, sent a barrage of glares in his direction. Deserved glares, Cole had thought, not only because he was the last person to see her alive, but also because Alex had kissed him, and Michael knew it.

From Monsters by David A. Robertson ©2018. Published by Highwater Press.

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David A. Robertson is a Cree writer from Winnipeg, who writes books for kids of all ages. As a father to five kids, Robertson has a bit of experience combing through the children's section of bookstores.

David A. Robertson browses for comics at Maxx Collectibles in Winnipeg, Man.

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