Money Boy

In Paul Yee's young adult novel, a teen boy is kicked out of his home when his dad discovers he's been exploring gay websites.

Paul Yee

Ray's life is pretty normal: he goes to school, lives in a big house in the suburbs and loves video games. But he has a hard time fitting in and still struggles with English. When his dad discovers he's been exploring gay websites online, he's kicked out. He heads to Toronto, where he must do whatever it takes to make ends meet — and survive. A powerful and moving story.

Money Boy is for readers ages 16 and up.

From the book

Some of my friends would be all right with me being gay. Wei, Kai and Jenny are cool. Problem is, Mila is the queen of our group, and everyone looks up to Jian because he's on the basketball team. I don't know where those two stand. Do I need my friends more than I need to come out?

From Money Boy by Paul Yee ©2011. Published by Groundwood Books.