Masters of Silence

Kathy Kacer's YA novel Masters of Silence follows two siblings who flee the Nazis with the help of a mime.

Kathy Kacer

Masters of Silence is the tale of siblings Helen and Henry, and history's most famous mime. Desperate to save them from the Nazis, Henry and Helen's mother makes the harrowing decision to take her children from their home in 1940s Germany and leave them in the care of strangers in France. The brother and sister must hide their Jewish identity to pass for orphans being fostered at a convent in the foreign land. Visits from a local mime become the children's one source of joy, especially for Henry, whose traumatic experience has left him a selective mute. When an informer gives them up, the children are forced to flee yet again from the Nazis, but this time the local mime — a not yet famous Marcel Marceau — risks everything to try to save the children. (From Annick Press)

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