Love Live the King by Elena Osipyan

Elena Osipyan is a 2019 finalist for the Shakespeare Selfie student writing challenge in the Grade 7 to 9 category.

2019 finalist: Grade 7 to 9 category

Elena Osipyan is a 14-year-old student from Toronto, Ont. (Submitted by Elena Osipyan)

Elena Osipyan is a finalist of the 2019 Shakespeare Selfie Student Writing Challenge. This annual writing competition challenges students to write a soliloquy or monologue in the voice of a Shakespearean character based on a prominent news, pop culture or current affairs event from the last year (April 2018 to April 2019).

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Osipyan, who attends Charles Gordon Senior Public School in Toronto, wrote about the the race between an independent content creator known as PewDiePie and an Indian corporation called T-Series to the 100 million subscriber milestone on YouTube from the perspective of A Midsummer Night's Dream's Puck.

In the modern age, originality's crumble at its prime
Found in every form of media; be it a video, a poem, or a song
A man, his independence vowed a clear-cut crime
By myriads of people who deemed desire wrong

Sovereign of his platform, a success, a story to behold
Competing with a grim-faced company, first heeded as a joke
The siege followed steady, its menace austere
Individuality concerned, free speech was wearing thin

While being prosperous, well-known for someone with his job
How chance is eon of success? Perhaps his views shall drop
He was still a feeble person, a trend, his posture vastly meek,
Yet then began a movement that should've lived a week

"Subscribe to PewDiePie," he spoke, "Make me number one!"
Some mistook it for a threat, some bold to get it done
A joke that was born forlorn for being left behind
Hath soon bloomed into a movement that swiftly spread worldwide

The passion that his fan base felt for this straightforward cause 
Hath translated into a sound fray, and accusations rose
"He is a racist, he is vile, we can't just go along,"
As plenty of the things avouched have collied him a jerk

Fierce race was forced into relent, crowds hopeless with their lose
The man gave up; he thanked his fans to free them of their blues
His demise timed too early; he gained 600K
A cautionary tale for those who give up once a day

Such morale of this story is; never dare succumb
To your mind's plague; dreaded self-doubt will someday sure go numb
Originality may not compete with deceiving knavery at times
Aye, behold! For those who seek shall see past all the grimes

The war had yield, yet rays of hope shall shine
Through the fans' hearts; for they had known the winner for all of time
And as the camera turned off, his hand was fully curled
"Here's the last brofist from the number one in the world."