Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene)

A poetry collection by Natalee Caple.

Natalee Caple

In a collection grappling with #MeToo, climate change and political turmoil, Natalee Caple strives to discover a way forward in charged times. These poems look to acknowledge struggle, to re-evaluate society and to rethink our approach to art. This is a challenging collection, but also a personal one. As Caple explains in her acknowledgements, she "wrote these poems as gifts." They were gifts to the people who have shaped her as a writer and a thinker, and now they are gifts to readers to show how one might try and find a way to keep creating that acknowledges the interconnectedness of all things, human and non-human. (From Wolsak and Wynn)

From the book

You are your mind
you know your mind
no two know the same mind
each of us knows one mind
in our minds we know what we mean by mind
I say, hey you, Mind-haver!
do flowers have minds?
mind is that which matters
not mind over matter
speak to my dog's mind!
things in the garbage have no mind
they do not mind
we might endow mind
but we cannot transfer mind
your house does not know your mind
God is a kind of mind
but morals hurt minds
though morals may only be minds
when I say, do you mind?
I mean, I mind something unkind

From I Try Not to Think Too Much from Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene) by Natalee Caple ©2019. Published by Wolsak & Wynn.