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Lorna Crozier's favourite book of 2017 was Cityscapes in Mating Season by Lise Gaston

In December, Canadian authors are sharing their favourite books of the year with CBC Books.
Cityscapes in Mating Season, Lise Gaston's first poetry book, is Lorna Crozier's favourite Canadian book of the year. (Kamil Bialous)

Happy holidays! CBC Books asked authors to share their favourite Canadian books of 2017. We will be publishing these recommendations throughout December.

Poet Lorna Crozier chose Cityscapes in the Mating Season by Lise Gaston.

"'Yes, yes, yes,' Molly Bloom would have said about Lise Gaston's Cityscapes in Mating Season. The city, with its bent alleys, its sirens, is charged with the erotics of the human body as it falls in and out of love.

"This is the new young voice, the fierce intelligence, I've been waiting for. 'Yes,' I say. 'Yes.'"

Lorna Crozier, an Officer of the Order of Canada, is one of the country's most celebrated poets. Her collections include Inventing the Hawk, which won the Governor General's Literary Award for poetry in 1992, and What the Soul Doesn't Want, which was a finalist for the 2017 Governor General's Literary Award for poetry.


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