Looking for X

Looking for X by Deborah Ellis won the Governor General's Literary Award.

Deborah Ellis

In this urban adventure story, Khyber, a smart, bold, 11-year-old girl from a poor neighborhood, sets out to find her friend X, a mysterious homeless woman who has gone missing.

The desperate search takes Khyber on a long, all-night odyssey that proves to be wilder than any adventure she has ever imagined. (From House of Anansi)

From the book

A lot of people think that just because Mom used to be a stripper, her children are screwed up and will stay screwed up forever. Not so. My brothers would have been the way they are no matter how Mom paid her rent.

If I'm screwed up when I become an adult, it will be own fault. If I'm screwed up now — well, I'm not, so there's nothing more to say about that.

Sometimes strippers get to travel. I'd like that. Mom says, though, that in all her years of traveling as a dancer, all she saw of the world were two-bit Ontario towns and their two-bit taverns, and there's more to the world than that.

As if I need to be reminded.

From Looking for X by Deborah Ellis ©1999. Published by Groundwood Books.