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Want to sharpen your craft? Join a writing group

The 2019 CBC Short Story Prize is now open! To inspire and support you along the way, we are publishing a writing tip each week.
A writing group can help you take your work to the next level. (Rawpixel on Unsplash)

The 2019 CBC Short Story Prize is open for submissions! You can submit your original, unpublished fiction up to 2,500 words for a chance to win $6,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts, a two-week writing residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and have your work published on CBC Books. The deadline to enter is Oct. 31, 2018.

To inspire and support you along the way, we are publishing a writing tip each week on CBC Books. You can also subscribe to our writing tips newsletter for even more tips!

This week's tip is from M.W. Cook.

"Next to reading lots and writing lots, giving and taking criticism is the single best thing a writer can do to sharpen their craft. Just like you can't really tell what your voice sounds like when you speak, your own writing will always look different to you than to others. Join a writer's group, make some writer friends. Like iron sharpens iron, so writers sharpen writers."

M.W. Cook was an evangelical preacher and missionary until he had a crisis of faith. Now he lives in Toronto with his wife and children, finishing a belated education at the University of Toronto and writing as if his income depends on it. He was on the longlist of the 2018 CBC Short Story Prize

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