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Stone by Emily Carrington

Emily Carrington has made the 2017 CBC Poetry Prize longlist for Stone.

2017 CBC Poetry Prize longlist

Emily Carrington works part-time as a veterinarian on the West Coast. (Courtesy of Emily Carrington)

Emily Carrington has made the 2017 CBC Poetry Prize longlist for Stone.

About Emily

Emily Carrington grew up in Prince Edward Island, and still considers it home, even though she has lived in British Columbia since the mid-1990s. After moving out West and working unskilled labour jobs, she persevered with her education while working and selling her paintings. She went to vet school, and now works part-time as a veterinarian on the West Coast. Recently she has been taking writing courses online and at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo and is combining her love of drawing and writing through courses in creating graphic novels.

Entry in five-ish words 

Our Little Secret No More

The poem's source of inspiration

"Being molested by my 40-year-old neighbour when I was 15 and having to keep it secret left me with me memories that lay hidden just under my skin. Feeling like I wouldn't be believed, I didn't talk about the experience much, but I did try to express my feelings about the abuse in several short works of fiction and nonfiction. Stone is my first attempt at expressing these feelings in a poem. I feel that by using fewer carefully selected words, that the words have more impact, and that I have captured the experience better with the poem than with my fiction and nonfiction pieces."

First lines

When I was fifteen
And your wife wasn't watching,
You taught me how to drink.
"You will like this," you said," it tastes like junk food."
You handed me the bottle and smiled.​

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