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Lindsay Wong

Lindsay Wong is a Vancouver-based author.
Lindsay Wong is an author based in Vancouver. (Lindsay Wong)

Lindsay Wong's memoir The Woo-Woo is on the Canada Reads 2019 longlist. The final five books and the panellists defending them will be revealed on Jan. 31, 2019. The 2019 debates are happening March 25-28, 2019 and will be hosted by Ali Hassan.

About Lindsay Wong

Lindsay Wong is a Vancouver-based journalist. She holds a BFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia and an MFA in literary nonfiction from Columbia University.

Wong's debut memoir The Woo-Woo is a darkly comic story of her dysfunctional family who blame their woes on ghosts and demons when they should really be on anti-psychotic medication. The Woo-Woo was a finalist for the 2018 Hilary West Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction.

Lindsay Wong on writing about mental health in her memoir

"I think it's an important story because of the stigma and shame of mental illness. One out of five Canadians have mental illness or know someone who has mental illness. I hope everyone can relate to this idea that mental illness is not shameful or taboo or a stigma, especially Chinese Canadians. We have a private culture where we don't share our secrets and we don't trust outsiders, necessarily. I'm hoping that people will be able to talk openly about illness and things that are affecting them.

I hope everyone can relate to this idea that mental illness is not shameful or taboo or a stigma, especially Chinese Canadians.- Lindsay Wong

"I know I have a lot of Chinese Canadian friends who are my age and they are terrified of telling their parents that they're seeing a therapist or they're depressed because of the shame and the ridicule that would come with it. I've always been a very honest person in that sense. When I'm writing, I feel like nothing is sacred."

Read more in Lindsay Wong's interview with CBC Books.

Interviews with Lindsay Wong

Writer Linsday Wong talks to CBC Radio's The Early Edition about her darkly comic memoir. 7:24

Books by Lindsay Wong


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