Laughing with the Trickster

Laughing with the Trickster is a nonfiction book by Tomson Highway.

Tomson Highway

Trickster is zany, ridiculous. The ultimate, over-the-top, madcap lunatic. Here to remind us that the reason for existence is to have one blast of a time, to laugh ourselves to death.

Ever the trickster, Tomson Highway brings his signature irreverence to an exploration of five themes central to the human condition: language, creation, sex and gender, humour, and death.

A comparative analysis of Christian, Classical, and Cree mythologies reveals how they have given form and substance to Western thought, life, and culture. Yet Indigenous mythologies provide unique, timeless solutions to our modern problems. Tomson Highway offers generous personal anecdotes, including of his beloved accordion-playing father, and plentiful Trickster stories as guides through such crises as climate change, economic disparity, racial intolerance, and all-out unhappiness. Laughter is medicine. Within the endless circle of life in Indigenous mythologies, the Earth is a garden of joy unlimited. A world we must protect as the birthright of future generations.

Laugh with the legendary Tomson Highway as he illuminates a healing, hilarious way forward. (From House of Anansi Press)

Interviews with Thomson Highway

Tomson Highway on Women and Mythology

10 years ago
Duration 13:19
In this talk both profound and funny, novelist and playwright Tomson Highway laments the unequal gender system and the view of life as a curse brought to North America by monotheistic religion. He reminds us that there are other world views where existence on earth is a blessing given by a female divinity. The audience also gets treated to his skills on the piano.

Tomson Highway on his debut novel

24 years ago
Duration 12:07
A profile of author Tomson Highway, on the publication of his first novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen.
Tomson Highway, is a playwright, novelist and music maker whose writing about life on the reserve brought him international fame, awards, and many accolades.

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