Land to Light On

Dionne Brand's collection of poetry is about being an outsider.

Dionne Brand

In this stunning poetry collection, Dionne Brand writes about a place where she is an outsider — as any poet or painter must be — and also about the many outsiders who have come here and settled over the years, uncomfortable with the land and its people, uncomfortable sometimes with themselves.

From the book

If I believe anything it will not matter though.

Life is porous, unimaginable in the end, only substance

burning in itself, lit by the heat of touching. It's good

how we melt back into nothing.

From Land to Light On by Dionne Brand ©1997. Published by McClelland & Stewart.

Author interviews

A holiday encore treat, originally aired on the show's twentieth anniversary in October 2010. Eleanor Wachtel and special guests Dionne Brand, Margaret Drabble, Deborah Eisenberg, and Andrew O'Hagan discussed the dynamic world of books over the past 20 years, and talked about some of their favourite titles.