Krista Kim-Bap

As the only Korean girl in her school, Krista feels conflicted serving as a cultural ambassador on heritage day in Angela Ahn's middle grade story.

Angela Ahn

All Krista wants is to figure out the three Fs: food, family and friends…

Krista and Jason have been best friends since preschool. It never mattered that he was a boy with reddish brown hair and she was the "Korean girl" at school. Now in Grade 5, everyone in their class is preparing their Heritage Month projects. Jason has always loved Krista's Korean family, especially her mom's cooking, but Krista is conflicted about being her school's "Korean Ambassador." She's also worried about asking her intimidating grandma to teach the class how to make their traditional kim-bap. Combine that with her new friends pulling her away from Jason, and Krista has a lot to deal with this year! (From Second Story Press)

Angela Ahn is a writer and former teacher and librarian who lives in Vancouver.