Kitchen Party

A cookbook by Mary Berg.

Mary Berg

In her first book, TV star and home cook Mary Berg is here to banish any anxiety about preparing food for the people you love. All of Mary's recipes are meant to be laid down on a table that is groaning under the weight of delicious food and relaxed elbows. Kitchen Party is filled with Mary's family-style favourites for brunches, dinners and special occasions — along with some of her famous baked goods and desserts, of course. You'll find over 100 simple, straightforward and mouthwateringly-good recipes for dishes like Blueberry Cheesecake French Toast Bake with Apple Cinnamon Syrup; Ricotta, Roasted Grapes and Hazelnut Tartines; Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream; and Slablova (aka Pavlova for a Crowd). And with Mary's tips and suggested menu pairings for multiple occasions, from Mother's Day Brunch to a Low-Key Bridal Shower, you'll never find yourself short of ideas. (From Appetite by Random House)

From the book

I love food. That's probably the most basic and universally agreed-upon statement you've ever heard, right? But as clichéd as it might sound, it's true! I love everything about food — from planning and shopping, to cooking and eating. I love how food has the ability to bring people together, to transport a person from the stresses of their day, and to convey so much love in just a few bites.

The classic kindergarten mantra of "sharing is caring" is something I continue to live by, especially when it comes to food. Cooking, baking and eating are some of the most social acts that I take part in every day, and I suspect the same might be true for you. Everyone has had days where the only thing that has pulled them out of a slump was baking and eating a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies but, most of the time, we cook for others. My husband, Aaron, often quips that when I'm left to cook only for myself, I eat like a raccoon, grabbing handfuls of pretzels, raw carrot sticks and spoonfuls of whatever leftovers are hanging around the fridge. For me, half the fun is in preparing it for others, so why would I bother whipping up an exciting meal if I'm left to eat it all on my lonesome?

From Kitchen Party by Mary Berg ©2019. Published by Appetite by Random House.

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