Kiss the Red Stairs

Marsha Lederman's memoir delves into her parents’ Holocaust stories in the wake of her own divorce, investigating how trauma migrates through generations.

Marsha Lederman

Marsha Lederman always knew her parents were different, and at five, she learned why: in the kitchen, her mother sat her down and explained about the Holocaust. Decades later, her parents dead and a mother to her own young son, Marsha is reeling in the wake of her divorce. She wants her parents' help, but in their absence, she is gripped by a need to understand the trauma that shaped them, and she begins her own journey into the past, to tell her parents' stories of loss and survival. Kiss the Red Stairs is a compelling memoir of Holocaust survival, inherited trauma, divorce and discovery that will reassure readers as they navigate their own monumental change. (From Penguin Random House Canada)

Marsha Lederman is a journalist based in Vancouver. She is currently the Western Arts Correspondent for the Globe and Mail. Before joining the Globe, Lederman worked for CBC Radio, where she held a variety of positions including National Arts Reporter, morning news editor and founding senior producer on Q.

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