King of Hope

A book by Kim Conklin.

Kim Conklin

Hartley Addison is probably the nicest guy in Port D'Espere, Ontario. Everybody loves him, even when they disagree with him. He's never officially run for mayor of his small lakeside town but he keeps getting elected anyway. The town has been a major environmental dumpsite for decades and most of his constituents prefer to look the other way and accept the government line: There is no problem.

At home, his wife is slowly disappearing before his eyes, and the young reporter he’s taken under his wing is out on the lake every night doing something downright mysterious. When the media circus comes to town chasing a runaway story about Boyd Banta, an escapee from the local poultry plant, Hart wants to believe that help has arrived at last. Will he finally get some much-needed national attention and possibly a little justice for his contrary citizenry, whether they want it or not? 

King of Hope brings Southern Ontario Gothic with an environmental twist, through the lens of a small town that's been facing radical environmental uncertainty for generations. (From Palimpsest Press)

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