Winnipeg students celebrate the magic of winter with picture book When The Moon Comes

Students in Winnipeg meet with children's book creators Matt James and Paul Harbridge to talk about the magic of moonlight and the wonder of nature.
Young readers in Winnipeg had a chance to meet author Paul Harbridge and illustrator Matt James and talk about their picture book When The Moon Comes. (Colton Hutchinson)

On Oct. 10, 2018, author Paul Harbridge and illustrator Matt James gathered with six, seven and eight-year-olds at Winnipeg's Millennium Library to talk about their book When The Moon Comes, which was a finalist for the $50,000 TD Canadian Children's Literature Award.

About 100 participating children read the book together with their teachers beforehand, and came prepared with thoughts and questions to share with Harbridge and James. The children also got the opportunity to hear from the author and illustrator about how the book was created.

A young reader speaks with illustrator Matt James about his work on When The Moon Comes at Winnipeg's Millennium Library. (Colton Hutchinson)

Following a reading, CBC Manitoba's Weekend Morning Show host Nadia Kidwai spoke with Harbridge and James about their inspirations, the collaborative process and what they love most about writing children's books. 

Paul Harbridge and Matt James speak with Nadia Kidwai

An excited young reader shows her copy of When The Moon Comes signed by author Paul Harbridge. (Colton Hutchinson)

The children also had a chance to ask the creators a few questions about how their own childhoods influenced the boo.

Paul Harbridge & Matt James answer questions from kids in Winnipeg about their picture book When The Moon Comes.

When The Moon Comes is Harbridge's love letter to his childhood and the magic of playing hockey on a frozen, moonlit pond. James's beautiful illustrations capture the anticipation and joy the kids feel as they wait for the perfect night to trek through the woods to their ice cold sanctuary.

The book is nominated for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award and the Winnipeg Book Club is one of six TD Kids Book Clubs happening across the country.