July Underwater

A comic book by Zoe Maeve.

Zoe Maeve

It's a typically sticky Toronto summer and Lina's spending her first couple of weeks after graduation reading and hanging out with her best friend Cara. Everything's calm — until she finds out that her childhood friend Alicia has died.

With her high school friends quickly drifting apart and her parents out of town, Lina tries to make sense of what has happened on her own. Hoping for answers, she turns to Virginia Woolf's To The Lighthouse and Patricia Highsmith's The Price of Salt. As Lina reunites with her friends for a final party on the shores of Lake Ontario, she finds herself wondering what it means to have known someone, and who they'll all become when they're no longer anchored to each other. (From Conundrum Press)

July Underwater is available in June 2022.

Zoe Maeve is a comics artist based in Montreal. She published her first book, The Giftin 2021 and was nominated for an Ignatz Award. July Underwater previously won an Expozine Award in 2016.

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