Journey Around the Sun

A picture book by James Gladstone, illustrated by Yaara Eshet.

James Gladstone, illustrated by Yaara Eshet

Halley's Comet, visible from Earth only once every 75 years, tells its own story in this unique informational picture book. With each return of the comet, the book highlights human life at that time, and how science has advanced toward a greater understanding of our universe.

Told in minimal poetic text paired with detailed captions for context, the book begins with sightings in ancient civilizations, where for centuries, the comet was a mystery recorded in art and writing. From Edmond Halley's successful prediction of the comet's return in 1758, through the advent of technologies like cameras and eventually a spacecraft that photographed its ice core, Halley's Comet tells an inspiring and wide- reaching story of scientific advancement and cultural history.

The book closes by inviting readers to wonder what our world might look like the next time Halley's Comet is visible from earth, expected in 2061. What will the comet "see," next time it passes by on its journey? (From Owlkids)

James Gladstone is a Canadian editor and author of books for children. His picture book Turtle Pond won the 2019 Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction

Yaara Eshet is an Isreali-born artist and illustrator. Based in Toronto, Eshet has illustrated more than 30 children, youth and adults books.

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