Jordan and Max, Showtime

An early chapter book by Suzanne Sutherland, illustrated by Michelle Simpson.

Suzanne Sutherland, illustrated by Michelle Simpson  

Jordan had a tough time with the other kids at his old school. So, on his first day at Massey Elementary, he has a plan: to be absolutely invisible. His new classmates don't need to know that his grandmother is his best friend or that they put on shows together dressing up in elaborate costumes each night in their apartment.

When he's forced to pair up with Max, a loud-mouthed loner with a love for Hawaiian shirts, Jordan's cover of invisibility threatens to be blown completely. But with the help of his partner's unique artistic vision, Jordan begins to see that his sparkling secret deserves to be revealed. (From Orca Book Publishers)

Suzanne Sutherland is a Toronto author and editor of books for young people who is passionate about inclusive and engaging storytelling.

Michelle Simpson is an Ontario artist and freelance illustrator with a focus on children's publications.

From the book

A book page from Jordan and Max, Showtime by Suzanne Sutherland, illustrated by Michelle Simpson. (Orca Book Publishers)

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