Johnnie Christmas

Johnnie Christmas is a Canadian comics creator.
Vancouver comic book artist Johnnie Christmas is hopeful about the centering of black voices in Black Panther, including its director, Ryan Coogler. "Being a black man, he’s got a point of view that I think many directors in Hollywood don’t." (CBC Arts)

Vancouver-based writer and artist Johnnie Christmas is the creator of comics like Firebug, Sheltered and Pisces. He is the illustrator of Angel Catbird, a graphic novel series written by novelist Margaret Atwood about a cat/bird/human superhero. He most recently worked on the Alien 3 comic book.

Books by Johnnie Christmas

Interviews with Johnnie Christmas

Discover how Vancouver-based comic book artist Johnnie Christmas rekindled his passion for comic arts and found a collaborator in the beloved author. 2:50
Vancouver based illustrator Johnnie Christmas describes his experience with police harassment growing up in Florida. 1:05

More about Angel Catbird

It's not a bird, it's not a plane — it's Margaret Atwood's first graphic novel superhero: Angel Catbird! The Canadian author and the book's illustrator Johnnie Christmas join guest host Candy Palmater to discuss the complex new creature and the environmental crisis that motivates story. 21:45


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