Jessie MacKenzie recommends Walking the Clouds edited by Grace L. Dillon

Every day in June, an Indigenous writer will recommend a book they love by a First Nations, Métis or Inuit author from Canada.
Jessie MacKenzie is an author and a poet from Windsor, Ontario. (Jessie MacKenzie/The University of Arizona Press)

June is Indigenous Book Club Month. CBC Books will publish a recommendation each day from an Indigenous writer for a book written by another Indigenous author. 

Jessie MacKenzie recommends Walking the Clouds edited by Grace L Dillon.

"Walking The Clouds: An Anthology of Indigenous Science Fiction, edited by Grace L. Dillon, is a must read for those who wish to explore far off galaxies and alternate histories. Canadian authors include Gerry William (Spalumacheen), Eden Robinson (Haisla) and Nalo Hopkinson (Jamaican-Canadian). You'll encounter the benevolent alien Chichibud who guides a lost father and daughter to safety through an inhospitable forest, a would-be astronaut turned S&M club regular who struggles to survive in a neo-fascist society and Blue Strike's ability to read the minds of his captures and forgive them for intergalactic genocide. These powerful stories provide vital life lessons in the age of reconciliation and technocracy. Readers will be able to re-examine our collective pasts, the present and ignite dreams of fantastical futures where nearly anything is possible, and is never quite what it seems. Canada, prepare yourself for a metaphysical experience that is out of this world."

Jessie MacKenzie is of Dene, Métis, German and Scottish ancestry. She is originally from Windsor, Ontario and has roots in Yellowknife and Lutsel K'e, Northwest Territories. Living across the country has provided her with an endless appreciation for the intertwining stories and cultures that connect us as Canadians. While not working on creative non-fiction stories or free verse poetry, she can be found enjoying a campfire somewhere in the terrestrial sub-arctic.


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