Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote is a Canadian writer.
Ivan Coyote is the author of Tomboy Survival Guide. (Robin Toma Photography)

Ivan Coyote is the award-winning author of 11 books, the creator of four short films and has released three albums that combine storytelling with music. Coyote is a seasoned stage performer and over the last 20 years has become an audience favourite at storytelling, writer's, film, poetry and folk music festivals from Anchorage to Amsterdam. Their titles include the memoir Tomboy Survival Guide, the collaborative book Gender Failure, young adult story collection One in Every Crowd and the novel Bow Grip.

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“I had a gender identity, it just didn’t fit into a gender ‘box,’” author said. “I never really had words for things, but I never really identified as a girl, either.”
Shelagh's extended conversation with Ivan E. Coyote and Rae Spoon, authors of "Gender Failure".