It's a Big Deal

A poetry collection by Dina Del Bucchia.

Dina Del Bucchia

So many things seem like a BIG DEAL: fashionable clothes, food trends for healthfulness and coolness, personal turmoils, what someone else just said, the ever-charged political landscape, Instagram posts, extinct megafauna, avocado toast... the list could — and does — go on and on. Quirky, wry, sensitive, bitchy, and honest, It's a Big Deal! interrogates the ways we interpret and process the big deals of our 21st-century lives. Del Bucchia's poetic voice is unique, delivering sharp humour and candid sincerity. (From Talonbooks)

Interviews with Dina Del Bucchia

When you're perusing books, it can be easy to pick up one based on the cover. And if you feel a bit guilty about choosing your books that way, writer Dina Del Bucchia says you don't have to. She even wants you to dress like a book. Dina tells Candy why.