Is There Bacon in Heaven?

Is There Bacon in Heaven? is a book by Ali Hassan.

Ali Hassan

A cut-out portrait of a bald Pakistani man in a black collared shirt is in the centre of the book cover. Around the cut-out are illustrated clouds and the title "Is There Bacon In Heaven?" in red bubbled text. The background is two shades of blue rays emitting from the man and the clouds.

Growing up, Ali Hassan was a chameleon. His friends came from many different backgrounds and religions—Trinidadian, Parsi, Goan, Hindu, Christian, Sikh. And as a hockey-playing, crockpot-using young man who also knew the words to at least ten Neil Young songs, he could blend in everywhere. But the world has a funny way of reminding you who you are, and his Muslim Pakistani family and community did, too.

In this hilarious and insightful memoir based on his hit stand-up comedy, Hassan shares his life-long journey to becoming a cultural Muslim—learning to walk the line of embracing his heritage while still following his passions. From failing to learn Arabic—or much of anything, really—in Sunday school and visiting family in Pakistan (who mocked him constantly) to discovering the wonders of pepperoni as a teenager and being a celebrity judge at Ribfest, Hassan finds himself in compromising situations that challenge his beliefs and very identity. And along the way, his friends and family are there to either encourage or criticize, something he finds eternally confusing.

Now, as a father of four, Hassan must explain his point of view to his children. But he can't just "give them" an identity as a cultural Muslim. Sharing his story is the next best thing. (From Simon and Schuster)

Is There Bacon in Heaven? will be published in Sept. 2022.

Ali Hassan is an actor, comedian, host of CBC Radio's Laugh Out Loud and frequent guest host of Q and As It Happens. He is also the host of CBC Books' Canada Reads. He has recurring roles on Run the Burbs (CBC), Odd Squad (PBS Kids) and Working Moms (CBC). In fall 2019, Hassan was part of the cross-country Just for Laughs Comedy Night in Canada tour with Rick Mercer.

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