Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in partnership with Canada's national Indigenous organizations, has created a groundbreaking four-volume atlas that shares the experiences, perspectives, and histories of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society

(The Royal Canadian Geographical Society)

This ambitious and unprecedented project inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action. Exploring themes of language, demographics, economy, environment and culture, with in-depth coverage of treaties and residential schools, these are stories of Canada's Indigenous Peoples, told in detailed maps and rich narratives.

This project offers Canada a step on the path toward understanding. The volumes contain more than 48 pages of reference maps, content from more than 50 Indigenous writers; hundreds of historical and contemporary photographs and a glossary of Indigenous terms, timelines, map of Indigenous languages, and frequently asked questions. All packaged together in a beautifully designed protective slipcase. (From Canadian Geographic)


A new four-volume atlas covering Indigenous lands, languages, history and cultures... will soon grace our library shelves and classrooms. Coming up... we will hear more about this groundbreaking resource. 10:21
Ossie Michelin, editor of the Inuit section of the atlas, hopes the project will help people see the land where they live from different perspectives. 10:29
Charlene Bearhead tells us about a new resource from Canadian Geographic. 7:07


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