A poetry collection by Tenille Campbell.

Tenille Campbell

Covering Indigenous adventures from Wahpole Island to Northern Saskatchewan to the West Coast, #IndianLovePoems is a poetry collection that humorously delves into the truths of love and lust within Indigenous communities. The poetic speaker, a First Nations Donna Giovanni, relates stories of her search for The One, or even better, that One-Night-Stand, in heated lines that fearlessly shed light on the intimacy and honesty that may arise even from the most fleeting encounter, leading to reflection on the complexities of sex, race, culture and intention within relationships. From discovering your own John Smith to sharing sushi in bed, #IndianLovePoems will bring a smile to your lips as you are reminded of your own stories about that special someone. (From Signature Editions)

Author interviews

Fresh off a break-up, poet Tenille Campbell entered a world of online dating she was not familiar with. “I just went out and started flirting, dating, sexing, and having one night stands,” said Campbell. “I’d be calling up my girlfriends the next day being like, ‘Sit down I have a story.’” 8:54