In Search of April Raintree

In Beatrice Mosionier's young adult novel, two Métis sisters are taken from their family and are placed in separate foster homes.

Beatrice Mosionier

When two Métis sisters are taken from their family, they end up in separate foster homes. Despite the distance, they remain close, even as they make decisions that will take them farther apart, emotionally, culturally and geographically. As a child, Beatrice Culleton Mosionier was also in foster care, and she wrote this book in 1983 after losing two sisters to suicide. A moving story about determination, triumph and the bond that siblings share.

In Search of April Raintree is for readers ages 15 and up. 

Beatrice Mosionier was born in St. Boniface, Man. She decided to write In Search of April Raintree following the death of two sisters to suicide.

From the book

Memories. Some memories are elusive, fleeting, like a butterfly that touches down and is free until it is caught. Others are haunting. You'd rather forget them, but they won't be forgotten. And some are always there. No matter where you are, they are there, too. I always felt most of my memories were better avoided, but now I think it's best to go back in my life before I go forward. Last month, April 18th, I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday. That's still young but I feel so old.

From In Search of April Raintree by Beatrice Mosionier ©2008. Published by Portage & Main Press.

Interviews with Beatrice Mosionier

Featured VideoFirst published in 1983, it has been loved and read by generations of Canadians. It is based on author Beatrice Mosionier's life, who is Metis. She survived foster care, abuse and the loss of her two sisters to suicide. Book two in #IndigenousReads.


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