I Want to Go Home

In this Gordon Korman book for middle grade readers, the counsellors at Camp Algonkian encounter a camper like no other: Rudy Miller who will do anything to go home.

Gordon Korman

Rudy Miller really isn't into the whole camping thing. So when his parents send him to Camp Algonkian "for his own good" all he wants to do is go home.

Rudy teams up with his cabin-mate Mike for a series of carefully planned — yet hilariously bungled — escape attempts. Unfortunately, their counsellor (and nemesis) Chip is as determined to keep them there as they are to get away.

Rudy and Mike spend their days plotting, playing chess and working off punishments for their failed escapes. Hmmm, maybe it isn't such a bad way to spend the summer after all... (From Scholastic Canada)

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From the book

The early summer sunshine streamed down over Camp Algonkian Island. The trim on the twenty-two cabins was brightly painted, the excellent athletic fields had been freshly mowed, and an assortment of boats of all sizes bobbed in readiness at the dock. The campers would begin arriving right after lunch. Everything was prepared for the opening of the camp's thirty-first season.

From I Want to Go Home by Gordon Korman ©1981. Published by Scholastic Canada.

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