I Dare You

A YA novel by Jeff Ross.

Jeff Ross

Sixteen-year-old Rainey is surprised when a video he made of a schoolyard fight goes viral. Two schoolmates, Jordan and Rowan, convince him to make another one, this time about a mysterious figure in the woods. Soon rumours are circulating that someone is out there kidnapping kids. Or maybe it's a ghost.

The teens are thrilled with the attention their prank is getting and are setting up a follow-up video when things go horribly wrong.

A local woman, convinced that the ghost is related to the nightmares she's been having for years, drives out to the area to investigate. The sight of Rowan in costume staggering across her path causes her to drive off the road. When the police start asking questions, Jordan and Rowan abandon Rainey.

No one else knows what really happened but will a guilty conscience force Rainey to admit to his part in the accident or will he keep quiet? (From Orca Book Publishers)

Jeff Ross is an Ottawa-based author of books for young adults. He currently teaches scriptwriting and English at Algonquin College.