I Can't Get You Out of My Mind

I Can't Get You Out of My Mind is a novel by Marianne Apostolides.

Marianne Apostolides

Ariadne is a single, 40-something writer and mother embroiled in an affair with a married man. At the core of her current work, a manuscript about the declaration of love, is the need to understand why: why her lover has returned to his wife, why their relationship still lingers in her mind, why she's unable to conquer her longing. Lacking answers and struggling financially, she takes part in a research study in which she's paid to live with an AI device called Dirk.

But the study quickly enters unchartered territory. Capable of mapping Ariadne's brain — and to some extent reading her mind — the AI calls into question issues of both privacy and consciousness: how we communicate our thoughts to others, what it means to embody our desires, and whether we ought to act on them.

I Can't Get You Out of My Mind asks what it means to be human — to be physical creatures endowed with a conscious mind, aware of our finitude — and to love. (From Book*hug Press)

I Can't Get You Out of My Mind is available in April 2020.

Marianne Apostolides has published seven books, including her memoir about abortion Deep Salt Water. She is based in Toronto.

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