I Am Algonquin

Rick Revelle's young adult novel paints a picture of North America's Indigenous people before the arrival of European settlers.

Rick Revelle

I Am Algonquin tells the story of Mahingan, a warrior, and his family, living in what is now Ontario in the mid-1300s. An engaging and readable portrayal of indigenous life before Europeans settled in North America.

I Am Algonquin is for readers ages 12 and up.

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From the book

We were constantly struggling to have enough to eat and always battling the elements to stay warm and dry. Add the constant threat of our enemies and it was a life of never-ending vigilance...The life of the Omamiwinini was forever between life and death at any known time...

From I Am Algonquin by Rick Revelle ©2013. Published by Dundurn.

More about this book