I Am a Body of Land

I Am a Body of Land is a poetry collection by Mi’kmaq poet Shannon Webb Campbell and edited by Lee Maracle.

Shannon Webb-Campbell and Lee Maracle

I Am a Body of Land by Shannon Webb-Campbell. (Shannon Webb-Campbell)

If poetry is a place to question, I Am a Body of Land by Shannon Webb-Campbell is an attempt to explore a relationship to poetic responsibility and accountability, and frame poetry as a form of re-visioning.

Here Webb-Campbell revisits the text of her earlier work Who Took My Sister? to examine her self, her place and her own poetic strategies. These poems are efforts to decolonize, unlearn, and undo harm.

Reconsidering individual poems and letters, Webb-Campbell's confessional writing circles back, and challenges what it means to ask questions of her own settler-Indigenous identity, belonging, and attempts to cry out for community, and call in with love. (From Book*hug)

Interviews with Shannon Webb-Campbell

Delilah Saunders was shocked to read a poem about the murder of her sister Loretta Saunders in a book called, Who Took My Sister? by Mi’kmaq writer Shannon Webb-Campbell.
It was a controversy that shook up the Can-lit community. In April of 2018, small-press publisher Book*hug pulled a poetry book from publication. Who Took My Sister? was about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Some of the poems described their deaths in graphic detail, but that's not why the book was pulled.
Shannon Webb-Campbell & Lee Maracle talk to Shelagh Rogers about the poetry book, I am a Body of Land.