A novel by Anna Marie Sewell.

Anna Marie Sewell

Who steals a dog from a shelter after receiving a dream message from their grandmother?

Hazel Lesage never expected it to be her. Then again, she didn't plan on becoming an unlicensed PI, helping the 'throwaway people.' However much has changed in Amiskwaciy, the problem of poor Indigenous women and girls being expendable hasn't.

Nobody else is going to help the Augusts find out who killed their daughter Nell; so Hazel takes the case. And then she takes the dog.

What follows will force Hazel and her family to confront the question of what it means to be Human, and what it matters to be Humane. (From Stonehouse Originals)

Poet, performer and author Anna Marie Sewell was born in Fredericton and is of Mi'gmaq, Anishinaabe, and Polish heritage.

Interviews with Anna Marie Sewell

In this episode of First Words, Anna Marie Sewell teaches you how to say wela'lin or thank you in Mi'kmaq, you'll also learn the word for ocean, and how to say coming together.

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