Holding Still for as Long as Possible

Zoe Whittall's second novel won the Lambda Literary Award for transgender fiction in 2011.

Zoe Whittall

In this robust, elegantly plotted, and ultimately life-affirming novel, Zoe Whittall presents a dazzling portrait of the Millennial Generation — the twenty-five-year olds who grew up on anti-anxiety meds, text-messaging each other truncated emotional reactions, unsure of what's public and what's private.

Holding Still for as Long as Possible explores an unusual love triangle involving Billy, a former teen idol, now an anxiety-ridden agoraphobic; Josh, a shy transgendered paramedic who travels the city patching up damaged bodies; and Amy, a fashionable filmmaker coping with her first broken heart. (From House of Anansi)

From the book

"I am having a quarter-life crisis," I announced to my mother.

"My generation never had those, we just had babies and thought about killing them from time to time."

From Holding Still for as Long as Possible by Zoe Whittall ©2009. Published by House of Anansi.