A novel by Naben Ruthnum.

Naben Ruthnum

It's 1900, and Louise Wilk is taking her dying husband from Manhattan to the upstate orchard estate where he grew up.

Dr. Edward Wilk is wasting away from a mysterious affliction acquired in a strange encounter: but Louise soon realizes that her husband's worsening condition may not be a disease at all, but a transformative phase of existence that will draw her in as much more than a witness. (From Undertow Publications)

Naben Ruthnum is a Toronto journalist and writer. His 2017 book Curry is an engaging and insightful long-form essay that connects the dots between the popular dish and how it functions as shorthand for brown identity in representing the food, culture and social perception of the South Asian diaspora.

Under the pseudonym of Nathan Ripley, he is the author of Find You in the Dark, which was an Arthur Ellis Awards finalist for best first novel. Your Life Is Mine, his second thriller using the pseudonym, was published in 2019.

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