Hell's Flaw

A comic by Lovern Kindzierski, illustrated by John Bolton.

Lovern Kindzierski, illustrated by John Bolton

In book five of the acclaimed Shame series, Hope has to deal with the corruption of a trusted friend and ally, whilst also fighting her way through the horrific monsters that bar her way back to Cradle. Her innocence and resolve is put to the test as she faces the fury of Shame's evil acolytes.

'Hope, my oh so naive daughter, will soon find out what it is like when friends become enemies. With her confidence then shattered, she will have to face my loyal acolytes who lie in wait for her, fortified deep in Cradle.' -Shame

Hell's Flaw is the fifth book in the successful and acclaimed Shame series following the ultimate story of mother-daughter conflict. (From Renegade Arts Entertainment)

Lovern Kindzierski is a Winnipeg-based comic writer whose past work includes Underworld and the Shame trilogy.

John Bolton is a British cartoonist and illustrator.

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